Robert Aston

Tripper – The G2 Sessions – 25 March 2004

Tripper – The G2 Sessions – Sheffield, UK – 25 March 2004
Andreas Moser – Drums . . . . . . . . Dave Coldron – Sax
Rob Szczerba – Bass . . . . . . . . . . . Rob Aston – Guitar

After a change of direction from bluesy-alt-rock into ‘industrial funk’ territory, the band rehearsed sporadically over several months. We are talking 2 rehearsals a month with severe droughts in between. Finally we dragged our asses down to a recording studio. We chose G2. The recording session nearly didn’t happen at all. The building right outside the window had an external burglar alarm which decided to go off just as we started recording the first track. Hours went by and money down the drain. Finally the owner turned up to turn it off and she was none too sympathetic or polite. We intended to record 5 songs and ended up with 4 but lucky we got these. Enjoy.

The last track included here was the missed 5th track, Silver Surfer, here recorded a couple of months before in the practice room on a crapy phone mic.

London Cranes Everywhere

The global financial crisis of 2007/8  toppled a few banks And devastated the finances of many people on the street Through the Great Recession that followed The London skyline never ceased to be dominated By the symbolic giants towering over its citizens Who were busy building a future or rebuilding one Evidently many people were still spending…


Remember Shards of light flicker bright Scattered ‘cross oceans of night Comets long since past Echo scars of battles lost Lava flows and river beds Lose their way like traitors’ heads Forests bloomed and wilted moor Cast their shadows deep below Hearts that met and so entwined Heaven’s alignment left behind Listen long and listen…


Sandsend Oceans new beat oceans past Across the seas of moments lost Walk with me in the here and now Discover the golden life in the cold rock Cliffs above us at once may fall The ground beneath our feet Will beat a hasty retreat But this day will last forever Lovers transcend the sands…

Agile Coach as Puppet Master (& the Zoom-Out Resolution)

Calling all Puppet Masters! OK let’s be explicit, “Agile Coach as Puppet Master” is most definitely a statement of what not to be. For the natural or aspiring Puppet Masters out there I’m sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place. You may want to watch this instead. When I talk about Agile Coach as Puppet Master…

Adventures with Moving Motivators

It’s the evening of 26 July 2016 in London and I’m off to a meetup. This time it’s ‘Adventures with Agile’ meets ‘Management 3.0’ meets Percy Pigs so it’s bound to be a brilliant evening (yes I have a sweet tooth!). More specifically, this is an Adventures with Agile meetup, delivered by Ryan Behrman, a highly…

Pretoria EP

Composed and recorded on the night of Leonids meteor shower, Nov 2002.

Kendall Reid – cello

Rob Aston – guitar and stuff



Cosmic Soup

Cosmic Soup Cosmic soup did come from a tin A tiny, tiny, teeny tin And before that tin, there was no tin No tin, no tin, nothin’ So before that tin, there was nothin’ to put IT in In fact, there was nothing to put nothing in either For nothing was not even an ether…