Miro, formerly Realtime Board, is hands down the best online collaboration tool I have come across.  I’ve been using it for years with distributed teams for everything from planning, user story mapping, retros, visualising the big picture of a product and its implementation, virtual team noticeboards, etc.

More recently I’ve been using it with distributed Agile Release Trains (Teams of Teams) as part of SAFe PI Planning. Miro even has a PI Planning template.

When performing the role of a Release Train Engineer, I put together an example Team Board based on the Geek Books example used in the PI Simulation as part of the training and preparation of the ART. This can be used as part of the Planning Context to refresh the teams on what they need to do during their team breakouts. It’s also there for reference later.  For co-located teams, it could be printed off and stuck on the wall next to the actual flip charts etc.

Here’s a public link to the example in Miro: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kvZZOKw=/


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